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Harassment in the workplace is inappropriate and discriminatory behavior that is severe or pervasive enough that it creates an abusive work environment for one or more staff members. Employers have a legal duty to prevent workplace harassment. 

The two types of harassment most common in the workplace are a hostile work environment and quid pro quo.

A hostile work environment is created by harassment that is:

  • Sexual
    This includes unwelcome and inappropriate touching, staring, sexual innuendo, or repeated comments about a person's looks.
  • Verbal
    Verbal harassment often involves offensive or derogatory comments, mocking, ridicule, and stereotyping.
  • Physical
    Examples include intentional intimidation, physical assault, or threats.
  • Visual
    Offensive photographs, cartoons, or other illustrations.

Quid pro quo harassment occurs when:

A person in a position of authority requires a subordinate to comply with an improper request in exchange for favorable treatment.

Harassment can be based on any of the protected classes listed under “Discrimination.”

You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity in your workplace. Actions that create a hostile work environment interfere with your ability to do your job and are prohibited.

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