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Workplace discrimination is the unfair treatment of employees based on their legally protected status.  Fair employment laws prohibit employment decisions and treatment based on a person's protected status.

This Includes Practices Regarding:

– Hiring

– Compensation

– Benefits

– Employee services

– Working conditions

– Appearance requirements

– Leave management

– Disciplinary actions

– Promotion, transfer or demotion

– Exercise of legal rights

– Downsizing, layoff or reduction in force

– Termination practices of the employer

Protected Classes Include:

– Age
– Race
– Color
– Sex

  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity

– Physical disability
– Mental disability
– Genetic Information
– Medical condition, including cancer

– Religion
– National origin
– Political affiliation
– Marital status
– Military and veteran status
– Status as a victim of domestic
violence, assault, or stalking

You deserve to be treated fairly by your employer and to be evaluated based solely on your qualifications and performance.

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