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A whistleblower is an employee who reports illegal or fraudulent activity committed by their employer or another employee. The report is usually made to someone within the company, law enforcement, or another government agency.

Examples of whistleblowing:

  • An employee reports the violation of employment laws, including discrimination, harassment, and wage or hour violations.
  • An employee refuses to violate or participate in the violation of the law.
  • A healthcare worker reports unsafe patient care or conditions.
  • An employee in any industry complains about unsafe working conditions.
  • An employee of a private company reports that the employer has committed fraud.
  • An employee of a public company reports that the employer is not correctly reporting financial information.

If you reported, or are considering reporting a wrongdoing committed at your workplace, you are legally protected against termination, disciplinary action, and retaliation.

I may be able to help if you're considering filing a complaint or suffered retaliation after you blew the whistle.

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